Hey underwater enthusiasts. Blog entry Numéro Dos!!

I found a great video last night and wanted to share it with everyone.

The video I found last night involves one of my favorite critters of the sea, the cephalopod! I’ve had numerous encounters with these guys and have to say they are probably the most enjoyable and memorable creatures I have ever encountered underwater. They are mesmerizing and enchanting, stealthy and dominant. They are always on and ready to go, never playful or silly. They just seem serious and always on a mission.

Probably the most memorable of encounters was here in Roatán during a night dive at Blue Channel.  I was leading 3 novice divers on their first night dive in about 10m(30ft) of water. We were nearing our turn around point and for no apparent reason, I needed to take a slightly different route back to the boat. As we moved through the oily, inky blackness of the Caribbean Sea I noticed a large Caribbean octopus foraging for food on a small coral outcropping. As the octopus ever so elegantly moved behind the outcropping to avoid our lights,  a smaller octopus lunged out from behind it. The chase was on!! The larger of the two octopus was now in hot pursuit of the smaller one. When the smaller one realized it could not evade the larger one, the smaller one headed for the surface. At this point, our group had moved underneath the ascending octopus. Wanting to avoid the surface, the larger of the two octopus called off the chase and began to descend. Without moving or wanting to interfere our group stayed put. I happened to be directly underneath the octopus as it settled on my shoulder. Once there it wriggled down my arm towards my hand and then dropped off onto the seabed. Seeing these critters up close and personal is truly one of my most cherished memories.


Hopefully one day I can show you something very similar here at Ocean Connections. Enjoy the video!!

Seeing the ocean through alien eyes

Animals can see things we can't. A team of scientists takes a one-of-a-kind camera to the South Pacific to see the ocean as no human has before.

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The amazing creature…cephalopods! 🐙🦑
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