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April 2017

RCCL Rhapsody: 4/3/2017 (AM)

RCCL Rhapsody-Holland 4-3-2017-am

Carnival Magic/RCCL Liberty: 4/5/17 (AM)

Carnival Magic RCCL Liberty 4-5-2017-am

Carnival Breeze/Norwegian Dawn: 4/5/17 (PM)

Carnival Breeze Norwegian Dawn 4-5-2017-pm

RCCL Rhapsody: 4/10/17 (AM)

RCCL Rhapsody 4-10-2017-am

Carnival Glory: 4/11/17 (AM)

Carnival Glory 4-11-2017-am

Norwegian Dawn: 4/12/17 (AM)

Norwegian Dawn 4-12-2017-am

Carnival Magic: 4/18/17 (AM)

Carnival Magic 4-18-2017-am

Norwegian Getaway: 4/18/17 (PM)

Norwegian Getaway 4-18-2017-pm

Carnival Freedom/RCCL Liberty: 4/19/17 (AM)

Carnival Freedom RCCL Liberty 4-19-2017-am

Carnival Dream: 4/20/17 (AM)

Carnival Dream 4-20-2017-am

Carnival Glory: 4/25/17 (AM)

Carnival Glory 4-25-2017-am

Norwegian Dawn: 4/26/17 (AM)

Norwegian Dawn 4-26-2017-am

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