Try Diving in a Day

Discover Scuba Diving

We offer half-day Discover Scuba Diving for those who would like to experience the underwater world without committing to a full certification course. Learn some basic skills and then go for a fun dive all in a matter of a few hours. Beginners learn to dive in our nearby Half Moon Bay. The pool-like conditions of this beach provide great conditions to learn diving through action in a calm, natural environment.

Additional recreational dives with your instructor are optional at $55 per dive.

Discover Scuba Diving Pricing: $100

  • No experience necessary
  • All gear included
  • $55 per Additional Dive

Open Water Courses

Become a Certified Diver

Already decided you love diving? Then it’s time to get certified! Open Water courses require a minimum of three days’ work both in the classroom and in the water. Our instructors teach you dive skills and theory using PADI materials, and then you can practice what you’ve learned in Half Moon Bay during your confined water skills training. After that, it’s time to get out into deeper waters for your four open water training dives. This course will open your eyes to a whole new world underwater and provide you with the skills you need to be a safe, smart, and prepared scuba diver anywhere in the world.

Open Water Course Pricing: $355

  • Includes all gear, full course, PADI materials, certification card, Roatan Marine Park fees, logbook, and a t-shirt!

Advanced Open Water Courses

Continue your Education

The basics were just the beginning, now comes the exhilarating fun of scuba diving! We offer Advanced Open Water courses that will improve and enhance your skills as a diver. Courses like Deep Diving, Night Diving, and Wreck Diving – just to name a few – all offer different options to explore. This course takes 2-3 days depending on which options you choose.

Advanced Open Water Pricing: $355

  • Includes all gear, full course, PADI materials, certification card, Roatan Marine Park fees, logbook, and a t-shirt!)
Special Offer

If you complete your Open Water course with us, we’ll give you at 15% discount on your Advanced Open Water course!


Online Courses

PADI now offers online diving courses to help you get diving faster. The online courses can be completed prior to your arrival in Roatan, allowing you to spend less time in the classroom and more time diving. The online courses are for Open Water and Advanced Open Water certifications. Your Open Water course will still require a minimum of 3 days and your Advanced Open Water course will be 2-3 days, but your classroom time will be much shorter.

Register for PADI E-Learning Course

E-Learning Certification Pricing: $270

  • PADI E-Learning course pricing is not included
  • Includes all gear, full course, certification card, Roatan Marine Park fees, logbook, and a t-shirt!

Specialty Courses

Increase your Diving Skills

Beyond Advanced Open Water, these courses are designed to further enhance your skill levels, especially for those who want to become Master Scuba Divers. Specialty courses include Wreck Diving, Night Diving, Boat Diving, Drift Diving, Deep Diving, Underwater Navigation, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Naturalist, Underwater Photography, Search and Recovery, and Fish Identification. Each course requires 1-2 days of dives, depending on which specialties you choose.

Specialty Course Pricing

  • Varies depending on course, base cost $100-$250
PADI CoursesSSI Courses
Available PADI Courses and Pricing
Available SSI Courses and Pricing

EFR + Rescue Diver

Emergency First Responder and Rescue Course

CPR and First Aid are skills we encourage every diver to learn – just in case. Once you’ve completed an EFR course we also encourage you to continue with the PADI Rescue Diver course. This is one of the most useful, challenging, and fun courses you will encounter. Your instructors will put you to the test with scenarios you might someday encounter, from having to rescue yourself to having to rescue an unresponsive diver. The skills you learn in these two courses will stay with you for life, and can be applied to many other adventure activities as well! The EFR course is only 1 day, the Rescue course is 3-5 days.

EFR and Rescue Diver Course Pricing:

  • EFR only: $140
  • Rescue only: $350
  • EFR/Rescue combo: $440
  • All prices include gear, materials, Roatan Marine Park fees, and certification cards

Divemaster Certification

Pro Internships

Want to intern with some of Roatan’s best instructors? Now you can! If you are interested in becoming a Divemaster or beyond then we are the place for you to start. Here at Ocean Connections we offer flexible programs to give you the hands-on experience needed on your schedule. Complete your Divemaster internship in as little or as much time as you need while enjoying the most beautiful location in West End. Our instructors focus on marine conservation, responsible diving, and professionalism, giving you the skills you need to be a successful Divemaster and a welcome addition to any dive shop worldwide.

Divemaster Course Pricing:$985

  • Includes all gear, PADI Divemaster crew-pak, Roatan Marine Park fees and PADI application fees

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